Arches Documentation#

Arches is an open-source data management platform originally developed for the cultural heritage field by the Getty Conservation Institute and World Monuments Fund. Due to the complex and varied nature of cultural heritage data, and to promote interoperability and sustainable data practices, the Arches Platform has been developed as a standards-based, comprehensive and flexible platform that supports a wide array of uses.

Welcome to the Arches official documentation site!#

This documentation primarily aims to provide guidance with Arches installation, technical administration, management, localization, customization and other extensions. Because Arches sees continual improvement, please help make this documentation provides clear, accurate, and up-to-date information by filing tickets that identify issues for improvement here on GitHub.

Table of Contents: Documentation Topics#

The documentation is organized into the following sections. It is recommended to start with the Getting Started and Installation section if you are new to Arches.

Getting Started and Installation#

This section provides an introduction to Arches and instructions for installing Arches on your local machine or server.

For Arches Administrators and Users#

This section provides information on how to configure and administer Arches, as well a brief discussion on how to create, edit, delete and search resources in Arches.

For Developers and Software Customization#

This section provides information on command line utilities, extensions, software and template customizations, API integrations, data modeling and other topics that are relevant to developers.

Production Deployment of Arches on Networks#

This section provides information on how to deploy Arches on a production server (including cloud hosted deployments), how to configure and manage the server, and how to manage the data and the application.